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Embarking on a comprehensive journey from inception, my role in this project was multifaceted. Initially brought on board to spearhead the UX and UI design for the new website, the boundaries of the engagement soon expanded, allowing creative liberty to introduce a unique key visual element.

Key Visual Development:
Drawing inspiration from the brand’s logo, I innovated a key visual using a series of geometric shapes. To ensure a holistic and seamless integration, I also incorporated select external materials. These amalgamated elements culminated in the formation of a dynamic illustration set.

Dynamic Dual-State Illustrations:
In a bid to enhance the user experience and bring about a fluid dynamism, each illustration was designed with two states – the ‘Initial’ and the ‘Target’.

  • Initial State: Abstract and designed to captivate curiosity, the initial state offers a glimpse into the imaginative realm of geometric formations.

  • Target State: Breathing life into the abstraction, the target state transitions the shapes into recognizable entities. A notable instance of this transformation can be observed in the metamorphosis of the abstract shape into an owl. Symbolizing wisdom and learning, the owl resonates with the educational ethos of the institution.

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